Management and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge  




User Guidance

Download the handbook of best practices: Handbook of best practices regarding the use of solar radiation information

User guide of best practices

User guidance is one of the main objectives of the MESoR project. This will be realized by the development of a guide of best practices in the application of solar resource data. The above described benchmarking will be one chapter in this guide. The results will give the users a better indication of the uncertainty of the available data sources and which data bases are suitable for different applications. Best practices in the application of solar resource information will be demonstrated in use cases. The applications taken into account by the guide will cover photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar concentrating and daylighting systems. As a basis it will cover requirements and examples for the design of these systems. Further it will cover solar forecasting applications.


Based on the feedback from the stakeholders and the benchmarking results road map documents are foreseen within the MESoR project. They will cover future research objectives in the field of solar resources, new solar radiation services to faster deploy the market for solar energy applications and optimize grid integration and recommendations for an improved Earth Observation system to better support solar energy. - contact: carsten.hoyer-klick AT © DLR 2010