Management and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge  





The project has for main objectives: Guiding, Unifying, Connecting and Stakeholder Involvement:


The first major objective is to guide stakeholders through efficient exploitation of the existing data sources. All sources have different spatial and temporal coverage and spatial and temporal resolutions, conforming to different stakeholders needs. Stakeholders are investors, banks, companies and consultants planning, designing, developing and operating solar energy systems, governmental bodies deciding strategies and policies as well as the scientific community. To guide the stakeholders in relation to their needs the available data sources will be evaluated by benchmarking them to each other. The benchmarking will increase the trust of stakeholders in the solar resource information. A user oriented guide to the available solar energy resources and a handbook of best practices will be prepared. Further, a roadmap to the future objectives and priorities will be developed, describing requirements for measuring systems, including Earth observation systems, services for effective management and deployment of solar resource knowledge and better fulfillment of the demands of the stakeholders.


The second major objective is to ease the access to the existing data sources. For this advanced information web technologies will be used. Metadata describing all different sources and a prototype of a web-based broker which guides the user to the different sources based on the metadata will be developed. The broker will serve as a standard user interface giving standardized data to the user. The unified access will strengthen the position of the consortium in world wide scientific and commercial use of the data. It may also serve as an example to other domains of renewable energy.


The third major objective is to connect solar resource knowledge to other relevant activities and communities. The connection to INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) initiative will ensure the use of standards adopted by geographical information providers in Europe. The project activities relate to the "Power" programme of the NASA, the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) contribution of the European Commission to the GEOSS (Global Earth Observing System of Systems), and the Implementing Agreements of the International Energy Agency (IEA), especially the Task 36 on "Solar Resource Management" implemented within the Solar Heating and Cooling Agreement. Improved solar resource knowledge is beneficial to many scientific communities; this proposal will improve the links to the energy, atmospheric, geographical, medical and ecology sciences.

Stakeholder Involvement and Disseminating

Stakeholder involvement is the fourth major objective of this proposal. This will be done by a survey of the stakeholder needs, the development of training material and a broad dissemination of the results of this project and the results of the earlier projects mentioned in the state of the art. Public international workshops addressing stakeholders from the decision making sphere, industry, research and also from other communities will be held during the project duration. - contact: carsten.hoyer-klick AT © DLR 2010